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Smart Climate Control

Will you miss going home to a hot house or a cold house to wake up? Unable to withstand the heat and humidity of the traditional summers of Australia? Say hello to MyAir Series 5, the latest technology in air conditioning that will make your home the ultimate comfort zone during the year.

Split System Air Conditioning

The split device aircon may be the best solution for your needs, with a compact configuration with a wide variety of options. It is a device that is divided into two units, as the name suggests: an indoor unit and a discrete outdoor unit.

Multi-Split Air Conditioning

For every indoor component, a regular split system air conditioning unit typically has one outdoor component. While this type of system suits smaller offices, apartments or open-plan areas, if more than one unit is needed, it can take up a significant amount of outdoor space.
Multi-zone systems offer the same capacity for cooling and heating, but require only one outdoor unit for up to 8 indoor units. It is possible to monitor each indoor unit independently, operating separately from the units in other spaces.

Ducted Air Conditioning

For an all in one ducted air conditioning system, say farewell to overly hot days and colder evenings. In most houses, workplaces and shopping malls, the heat and humidity characteristic of this area justifies the cool reprieve provided by air conditioners.


One of the most important investments you make for your home or workplace could be your AC scheme. While choosing the best device for your needs when planning the installation of air conditioners is crucial, it is just as important to manage and ensuring that it performs as safely and reliably as possible.

Commercial Air Condtioning

Industrial air conditioning systems for residential and household air conditioning units have varying uses. Not only is their architecture more difficult, they will require greater ability to handle more persons, bigger rooms and operate for longer periods of time. To ensure smooth operations and prevent frequent breakdowns, high quality and effective design are essential.

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Think Cooling understands your full satisfaction and receives the highest level of customer service and support. We recognize the importance of a caring, positive and committed team that focuses on our company's growth and longevity.

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Here at APS HeatingCooling we take all the factors into your installation, ensuring a well catered solution to your needs and Budget and Delivering you the best Service you may need.

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APS HeatingCooling takes care of the atmosphere by using the latest energy-efficient goods and is well aware of emerging developments in global warming and climate change.

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For consistency and durability, our materials have been carefully chosen. The use of known and tested goods guarantees stability and, if possible, usability for replacement parts;

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Receive priority service at peak hours for our dedicated service department. We Will always be available to provide your system with timely repairs and maintenance.

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A ducted air conditioning system could be your perfect option if you're looking for unsurpassed cooling or heating in your entire house.