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Split System Air Conditioning

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Looking for a cost-effective option for a single bed, an office space or open areas in your home for cooling or heating? Over the years, split system air conditioning has been a top option among many people of the Byron Bay.

The split system aircon may be the best solution for your needs, with a compact configuration with a wide variety of options. It is a device that is divided into two units, as the name suggests: an indoor unit and a discrete outdoor unit.

For smaller spaces and open home or office spaces, split system air conditioning units are an ideal, flexible and economical choice. They do not need some ducting and allow you more control when installing the modules. Other advantages of using this air con unit type include:

Compared to other types of AC systems, cost efficient and affordable solutions are
Reverse cycle systems allow for heating and cooling during the year for the ideal indoor climate.
Quiet service makes them suitable for quiet spaces such as bedrooms, schools , libraries and
Compared to other systems, great energy efficiency
Low maintenance and maintenance necessary
Suitable for both industrial and residential spaces,
Trusted foreign brands such as Mitsubishi and Daikin
New and improved inverter technology, while retaining stable desired temperatures and easy, quiet running, achieves optimum energy efficiency.

There are a few different types of air conditioners for split units that are distinguished by indoor part placement:

Wall installed: The indoor part is mounted on your chosen wall
Floor standing: an indoor split air conditioner free-standing machine with flexibility of positioning
Bulkhead: Suitable for places where it is preferred to mount discreetly, works flat inside the ceiling or bulkhead
Ceiling cassette: The machine is mounted towards the middle of a space in the ceiling with just the grille showing
Your needs and the configuration of your room would depend on the best choice.

You’ve found the right split system boys, whether you’re looking for residential or industrial split system installs. At APS HeatingCooling, for many Byron Bay families and companies, we are professionals in our industry and have designed AC systems.